Gun Safe Accessories – Lighting, Door organizers and Dehumidifiers

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There’s but one thing no gun owner should never miss to have- a gun safe. And if you don’t own one yet, now is the time to. Your safety and that of your family should be a reason enough to own a gun safe, not to mention that gun safety is a matter that none of us should dare negotiate with.

Well, if you already own a proper safe that aligns well with your various needs, you might have also realized that there are areas that would do better with additional or new accessories. On its own, a gun safe would still do all it was designed to do but to make it serve you even better, you certainly require a number of things.

Interior and sometimes exterior lighting, storage, environmental control, and security are some of the major areas that badly require these accessories.

By reading on, you will discover the gun safe accessories you need under each of these categories and more importantly, the impact they will have once you install or fix them to your gun safe.

Gun Safe Lighting

Most gun safes will come bearing inbuilt lights only that the said lights aren’t really bright enough. It even gets worse when you begin to fill up your safe with guns and other items. It will certainly become darker especially at the back and this will make it harder for you to access or view what’s inside or at the back.

Thankfully, there are external lights you could fix in the interior of the safe to enhance the lighting. They come in two major categories: battery powered and AC powered. Battery powered LED lights will serve you for about 6 months if you use the light moderately.

AC kits will serve you for as long as there’s the energy to power them. However, you may be required to fix a power outlet on your safe that will be used to supply the energy to the kit.

Some of the lighting options available in the market include:

Liberty WAND Light Kit

This light kit will perfectly fit in a 60-inch tall safe and since it’s a 5-wand kit, the light will be bright enough to penetrate the darkest of corners and illuminate your entire safe. It includes an auto on/off motion sensor for added convenience.

Connecting it to your safe will be easy, thanks to the self-adhesive backing as well as connection snaps. But before you peel and stick, it's best for you to lay out the placement which you could do by planting push pins in the screw slots.

Also worth mentioning is that you can install the lights not just on the hinge but also on the safe’s open sides.

Stack-On SPAL-300 is a battery powered LED light bar. It bears three rotating heads with four LEDs inside each head. Turning it on can be done either manually or via setting up a motion sensor code. This will enable the lights to turn on once you open the safe’s door.

Brightness exists in two levels and it’s up to you to choose whichever level works best for you. And thanks to the adhesive, you can fix the light bar anywhere in the safe. However, if your safe has several shelves, you may require more than one light bar if you wish to have the light spread out throughout the entire safe.

Power is provided by 6 AAA batteries able to last several months of moderate use.

Just as the name suggests, this lock is designed to help in illuminating your lock. This can be really helpful if you find it hard to operate your lock at night due to poor vision.

Rather than turning on your lights and drawing attention, the Lock safe light will help you have easy access to your rifle without alerting anyone. In the case of an intruder, this will give you great advantage over them.

The light itself is magnetic and so it easily attaches just over or next to the dial.

Gun Safe Door Organizers

Massive safes definitely cost higher than the small-sized ones and not everyone is able to afford them. Mostly, we go for those safes that have just enough room to keep our current gun(s) and other valuables. But as time goes by, we acquire other valuable items and try to squeeze them right into the already congested space within the safe.

However, there’s way you can make the storage to take in extra items. Take a look at what these gun safe accessories can do.

The majority of the safes certainly have extra space that hasn’t been put to good use. And door organizers exist to ensure such space is put to good use. They will let you keep additional items, mostly the smaller ones such as pistols, documents, or coins.

A good number of the door organizers are made out of fabric and consist of pouches designed to keep your various items intact. You can attach them to the safe’s door using velcro or clasps. Velcro is pretty easy to install. However, it has a limit as to how much weight it can keep.

Those held by clasps tend to hold more weight and this makes them a little expensive.

If your safe doesn’t support either of these two, you can opt for aftermarket adhesive strips.

Some of the well-rated and effective door organizers include:

American Security Model 19 PDO Retro-fit Kits

You can fit these kits to almost any gun safe that falls in the medium to large size. The kits comprise of mounting brackets able to work well with both dry and steel wall door panels and the adjustable Velcro straps exist to ensure they fit well into different door sizes.

The organizer includes zippered pockets, long gun and handgun holsters, mesh organizers, and pistol storage. Before purchasing this door organizer, ensure its dimensions match to those of the gun safe.

Liberty door panels come in different dimensions meaning they can fit safes of all sizes. Just like every other door organizer, it’s attached to the inside of a gun safe door panel and mounts onto it via mounting brackets. You can store your handguns, magazines, ammo, and dozens of other valuable security items inside this organizers.

All you need to do is identify the right size for your safe before proceeding to make your purchase.

Rifle And Rod Hangers

These two closely work together to increase storage space inside a safe. Most safe manufacturers today offer rifle rods. You can learn more about them by watching the video below:

Gun Storage Solutions is a company known to offer the best pack of rifle rods that enable one to store and organize their guns in proper position in order to create additional space for other guns.

If your gun safe is cluttered, this is the solution you have been waiting for. You can get it from Amazon today.

Handgun Hangers, on the other side, are used to position the guns under the safe as well as above the long guns. These hangers come in different versions. We have those that can keep two guns below and over the shelf and then there are those that just hang under the shelf leaving you to use the space over it for other functions.

Gun Storage Solutions also offer quality handgun hangers that work well with most safes. These hangers will accommodate guns that measure 10 inches or shorter and will fit well in shelves that measure from 5/8 to 7/8-inches in thickness.

Mag mounts will assist you not just to store but also organize your metal magazines. Rather than stacking them at some corner in the bottom of the safe, you can take the mag mount and mount it anywhere in the safe and then stick your magazines on it. You could mount it on the door, under a shelf or even outside the safe if you wish. The mag mount can adhere not just to a metal surface but also on wooden or dry walls with the help of nails.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Safes are pretty much sensitive to temperature. For those who aren’t aware, excessive humidity can badly affect your guns. In fact, most safes have reinforced fire doors and plenty of stainless steel parts, in addition to the guns, all of which are vulnerable to corrosion or rust.

Unless you keep your safe in a conditioned environment where the HVAC system can keep the humidity low, you will require a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier helps to protect against the buildup of moisture that could run these parts, including the gun. Not having one amounts to putting the longevity of your safe and its component at risk.

Dehumidifiers came in two forms: the permanent and rechargeable dehumidifiers.

Permanent dehumidifiers will require that you route the power into your safe. It will then heat up the air inside the safe leading to moisture expulsion from the safe. They will also lead to some convection that will lead to constant circulation of air inside the safe.

Rechargeable dehumidifiers, on the other hand, are those that only absorb the moisture for some time before you recharge them once again. Some can last up to 6 weeks once fully charged.

Some of the most effective and reliable dehumidifiers you can buy include:

Being electronic means you will need to have a hole through which the power plug will pass through. And if your safe is waterproof, you need to find out if it has a power outlet. GoldenRod Electronic dehumidifiers come in different sizes based on your gun safe’s size.

But even the smallest one can keep the moisture under 50% in an area worth 100 cubic feet. The great thing is that with this humidifier, you only plug in once and it does the rest of the job.

Once charged, which could only last a day, this rechargeable dehumidifier from Stack-On will keep you going for up to six weeks. It fits well into safes of smaller sizes and you can mount it just about anywhere in the safe.

It comes with an indicator that will tell you when it reaches its moisture absorption limit. And when it does, you are supposed to get it out of the safe and re-charge it again in a place that is well ventilated so that all the moisture can be discharged out.


There are a couple of accessories you can buy and use to enhance the security of your safe. Whether it’s giving added protection to what’s inside or simply making the safe more secure, there are accessories to help you achieve that. Take a look.

Anchor bolts

A high-quality gun safe is every burglar’s prime target. They will want not just to steal it but also break inside to access the contents. And since most of the burglars come ready to take it out, you can make their work harder by securing your safe to the floor with anchor bolts. Most of them are universal and so they can fit into any safe.

Alarm system

Having an alarm system that alerts you once your safe is tampered with is something you might want to consider. You may be lucky if you already have a home security system because all you will be left with is to include an entry sensor on your safe’s door that will notify you when it’s tampered with either through movement or vibration.

Well, there’s still good news to those that lack a home security system. You can buy an exclusive safe monitoring system. Most of them can alert you when the safe’s door opens, when the humidity or temperature rise, amongst other things.

Liberty offers one of the best safe monitoring systems that is battery powered and works via wireless connection

Fire protection varies from safe from safe. However, during fires, some items like sensitive documents could be affected by water used to calm down the fire. So to ensure your documents are safe during such events, you can buy a protection bag that will keep them safe and prevent them from being damaged by either water or the fire itself. Even without a safe, the bags can still keep your documents or simliar items safe.


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