Cannon Gun Safe Reviews: Top Features, Pros & Cons (Updated)

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Today there are many companies that are producing gun safe for better protection of your arms and ammunition so that they do not fall into wrong the hands. But if there is one brand of gun safes that will protect your arms just like you protect your family it’s ’Cannon’.

For the past forty-one years,  Cannon has been producing one of the world’s best gun safes in the United States.

A gun safe is not only used to secure guns but it can be used to secure other valuable items like gold, jewelry, money and so on. So a gun safe is a must have in your office or your house, especially if you are keeping a gun for self-defense or for some other personal reason in your house.

But with keeping a gun comes great responsibility. You have to protect the gun from others who could use it in a negative way which can cause harm to the people around you.

So here is a list of some of the best gun safes produced by Cannon.

Pick 1: Cannon CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe

Think of spending less to enjoy the same benefits you would have parted with a fortune to experience. That’s exactly what the Cannon Safe CA 23 is all about. Security is guaranteed, thanks to its Intertek-ETL approved fire protection features. Not just that but it also comes loaded with a range of advanced security features and best of all, a build quality that is almost second to none.

Top Features

One of the most profound features of the Cannon Safe CA23 is that it comes with a 24-gun capacity and added fire protection that will keep the gun safe if there is a fire nearby. What’s more, the CA23 also packs an electronic lock that is commercial grade type 1 UL rated.

But that’s not all. Other top features include:

  • Steel construction: The safe’s 4 inch thick doors are made out of steel and overall, the safe itself is made out of heavy gauge steel and this is great not just for security but long-term durability as well.
  • Fireproof features: Intertek did indeed test the materials used to make this safe at 1-hour/1200 F and gave it an approval meaning it’s not just secure but tough enough to withstand hard punishment for longer times.
  • Security features: Apart from the thick steel, the safe features a unibody construction for optimum strength and ruggedness, 1-inch locking bolts, the aforementioned EMP lock, surefire multiple re-lockers and a 5-spook handle.
  • Aesthetics: Well, much as the safe borrows a traditional style, the exterior easily impresses the eye and could match different surroundings without being shouty or odd. Inside, it has top grade upholstered shelves, inset door panel, and walls. It actually utilizes the Tru Rack system in its storage system.


  • It provides excellent security using thick steel with a triple hard plate in order to protect the lock area.
  • A USB port and an ethernet connection
  • Internal power supply for easy plugging o a humidifier
  • lifetime warranty that replaces with a new one in the event of fire or burglary
  • Top Fire protection features
  • The Safe has a weight of just 562lbs which is good in its segment.


  • Lifetime warranty excludes workmanship.
  • The company keeps master codes for a maximum of one year. Users have to remember their codes or less you could be locked out.
  • Multiple complaints about delivery/shipping

For this particular safe, the benefits outweigh its dark sides and so it’s by all means a great buy for that price for anyone who looks to having a well-priced safe that does its job like it’s supposed to.

Pick 2: Cannon EX 40 Executive Series Safe

Cannon EX40

Next Cannon safe I will tell you about is Cannon EX 40 executive series. Its highlight has to be the intelligent design and this is not just the solid steel frame but the very spacious interiors. You could store a lot of essential stuff in there besides your guns.

Much effort was also put to in giving it top grade security and so if you ever need a safe to keep your prized possessions alongside your gun, you have a perfect solution in this safe.

Top Features

Just to ensure you have the peace you need when it comes to security, the Cannon Ex40 is built with Cannon’s patentedTruLock hinges and a high-security door. Storage wise, it has a capacity of up to 64 guns. Other important features you will want to check out include:

  • Fireproof features: It is fire resistant and can withstand a temperature of up to 1200 Fahrenheit. But that’s not all; there are triple fins which can be extended to protect your valuable items from smoke.
  • Steel construction: The Ex40 safe is durable and long lasting because of its chic paint and 14 gauge steel drilled flooring. There’s also the massive 4-inch steel composite door.
  • Security features: Well, besides the high-security door, the safe also comes loaded with a high-security commercial grade type 1 electronic lock, 1-inch round and 4-inch long active-locking bolts, the aforementioned Trulock hinges and a 3-spoke handle
  • Aesthetics: Well, not much can be said about its exterior but overall, it’s dark, finished in a lasting hammer-tone paint and would seemingly fit in with most surroundings. Inside, it comes equipped with adjustable top grade upholstery on its shelves and walls and a door organizing kit for additional storage.


  • It comes with an electronic lock and with internal power supply.
  • Relatively huge capacity
  • Lifetime warranty & free parts, labor and freight for replacement/repair in the event of a burglary, fire, or natural flood.
  • Excellent security features


  • No power outlet/inlet installed inside

Given every feature of the Connon EX 40 we’ve looked at so far, it still makes for a great pick at its price. Its large capacity is definitely another huge highlight and overall, it’s a great fit for any gun owner.

Pick 3: Cannon Home Essentials Safe CS3220

New to the Home Essentials Collection from Cannon? Here’s what you need to know first: they are a cost-conscious solution. If you are on a budget and would love a safe that would store all your valuables, the CS3220 has you covered. Besides that, it’s been made to match and fit with any setting and so if you are one of those who pay attention to taste and preference, this safe is your best bet.

Top Features

One thing that would qualify as a major highlight of this unit would be the spacing. The unit features two adjustable shelves which are convenient and spacious enough when one wants to store jewelry, cash, documents, pistol and so much more. In addition to that, there’s a door organizer just in case you need additional space to keep your other items.

Other worthy features include:

TopLite Keypad: This is great because you can actually see what buttons you are punching whether day or night.

Steel construction: This unit is made out of heavy gauge steel and this great for long term durability. In addition to that, its unibody construction assists to deliver optimum strength as well as ruggedness. Also important to mention in this regard is the composite door.

Security features: It’s easy to tell much effort was put to make this safe really secure. Right from the patented Trulock hinges to the mighty mini lock, not to mention the four predrilled bottom holes just in case you wish to bolt this unit to your floor. Also included are 1 inch round and 4 inch long active-locking bolts.

Fireproof features: Take this safe, dip it into flames blazing at 1200F and keep it in there for 60 minutes and you’ll still have your valuables untouched. As if that wasn’t enough, they also added a triple fin intumescent expandable seal that could stretch 12 times its original size once it smells the heat.

Aesthetics: Looking at its finishing, it’s clear that this safe was made with style in mind. The luring chocolate brown hammer tone finish is perfect for almost any setting and in addition to that, it comes with upholstered interior walls and shelves.


  • Excellent fireproof features
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty plus free parts, labor, and freight for replacement/repair in the event of burglary, fire or natural flood. The lock has a 1-year warranty on labor and lifetime warranty for parts.


  • The unit’s number pad comes in a non-standard configuration and this makes a quick opening difficult.
  • No power outlet/inlet installed inside

To recap the highlights of the Cannon Home Essentials Safe CS3220, anyone in need of a safe and with focus on space, security, aesthetics and functionality will find great comfort in using this unit.

Pick 4: Cannon S19 Scout Gun Safe 28 Gun

In case you’ve never heard of the Scout Series, this is a full-featured safe that offers trademark Cannon quality, good looks, and security as well. This means your jewelry, guns and other prized possessions will be kept safe not just from prying eyes but dangerous fires as well, thanks to its top-grade fireproof features, Space-wise, it’s also enough to keep a reasonable number of items

Top Features

With its gun capacity set at 28 guns, this means you can keep multiple firearms of different sizes not to mention that you could throw in other valuables as well. At 410lbs, it’s also relatively lighter compared to others in its category.

Let’s check out the rest of the other worthy features:

Steel construction: Like every other Cannon safe, the S19 Scout Gun Safe 2 is made out of heavy gauge steel and this guarantees long-term durability. It’s door, for instance, is a thick 4 -inch composite door. Also, it features a unibody construction for optimum strength and ruggedness.

Fireproof features: With a verified rating of 1200 F for 30 minutes, this insulated safe is strong enough to stand up to blazing heat and hard punishment and in addition to that, it has a heat reactant door seal that reacts to heat by expanding hence keeping all that is inside the safe cool and safe. Not to mention the Triple Fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal.

Security features: Clearly, this safe comes loaded with a bunch of security features, a sign that the manufacturer really intended for it to be hugely safe. The features include a high-security commercial-grade type 1 electronic lock, surefire multiple re-lockers, true lock hinges, a 3-spoke handle, pre-drilled bottom just in case you want to bolt it to the floor, and so much more.

Aesthetics: The safe comes in a hammer-tone black color and inside it has top-grade upholstery shelves and an additional factory installed door organizer. You could put this safe in any room and it would easily match and fit.


  • Durable
  • Extra protection features
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Option for electric humidifier
  • USB connection and RJ45 ethernet connection
  • Two power outlets


  • Random complaints on its keypad

If you consider yourself a security purist, the Cannon S19 Scout Gun Safe 28 Gun is your best bet. Other than that, it’s undoubtedly strong and comes loaded with all the important features you would wish to see in a decent safe.

Pick 5: Cannon CO43 Commander Gun Safe 36 Gun

Even though it’s on the higher side of the price range, this safe is worth every coin. It sets the standards for how a safe should act like. And it’s not just about the protection because the Cannon CO43 Commander also brings the look you will relish to see. Put simply, it packs the best of both worlds when it comes to protection and looks.

Top Features

Capacity is definitely a big deal for many people and speaking of that, this safe can hold up to 36 guns. Well, it could be relatively large in size and that is for a good reason. Just looking at the maze of protection features it comes loaded with, you are safe keeping any valuable item of yours in this safe and never care that fire or burglars would easily elope with them.

Let’s check out its key features:

Steel construction: Typical of every Cannon safe, even the Cannon CO43 Commander is made out of heavy gauge steel to ensure long term durability. This includes the massive 5 5/8 inch double steel composite door and a unibody construction that guarantees optimum strength and ruggedness

Security features: Like we mentioned earlier, nothing was left out in ensuring this safe boasts of world-class protection. Some of the features that guarantee this include the high-security commercial grade type 1 electronic lock, surefire multiple rockers, double steel door frame, AMP lock, 3 layers of extra hard, 60 plus RC steel hard plate that protects the lock, 5-spoke handle, and so much more.

Fireproof features: Unlike the others in its category, this safe boasts of Intertek-ETL verified fire protection ( 1200 degrees for 90 minutes). On top of that, it has a triple Fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal, a heat-activated door seal that reacts to heat by expanding in size, and a 2 step door offering additional barrier.

Aesthetics: Well, on top of the deluxe package that is silk-screened, there’s the hand-made pin striping which together with the curved eges give the safe a luring look. It’s interior reeks of luxury. Besides the lighting system, it boasts of a clear view and multidirectional LED lights when the door opens. It also utilizes a TruRack system and its upholstered with top-grade materials.


  • Superior fireproof and protection feature
  • Option to use electric humidifier
  • USB port
  • Power outlets
  • Rj45 ethernet connection
  • Durable


  • Relatively heavy

Overall, if you are looking for a decent safe with enough space and advanced protection features, this safe meets your wish. It may not be a great option for those on a budget but if you can afford to own it, it’s a great investment you will live to relish.


Overview of all the products provided by Cannon.

EX 40 CA23 CS32220 S19 Scout CO43
Weight 510 pounds 560 pounds 174 pounds 410 pounds 1457 pounds
Dimensions 59 x 40 x 24 60 x 30 x 22 20 x 18 x 32 60 x 28 x 21 72 x 40 x 28
Fire resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Power supply Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Electronic lock Yes Yes No Yes No
 Capacity 64 guns 24 guns  Less 28 36 guns
Warranty Life long Life long Life long Life long Life long
USB Port Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


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