Best Biometric Gun Safes – Fingerprint Gun Safes (2018 Edition)

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Guns or any weapon, when a person buys either, it’s a great deal to be aware of the consequences of it being misplaced or getting it in the vicinity of any wrong hands. So the first and foremost thing that you need to have is a place where you can keep it secure. And when it comes to the security of your gun, no matter what you are thinking the best option is to go for a gun safe.

If you have a budget to be reckoned with you could try the BARSKA biometric safe or the GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe, but we would suggest you to consider the security of your people around and maybe re-consider your decision about which would be tad bit safer up the order as this investment can be considered as a one-time investment and it can actually help you to keep your other valuable as well as your future investment to be much safer.

Now gun safes come in different categories and the best possible option in today’s world when you would need to be assured of the protection and safekeeping of your armors is to opt for a biometric gun safe, as it comes with the most technologically advanced protective mechanism.


So here we are providing you with the details of the best biometric gun safes available in the market today. First, we would suggest you to opt for the Verifi S6000 smart safe fast. It’s technologically advanced and this can be seen in its complex inner architecture which provides you with the capability of persistence that comes with a fingerprint recognition system. This to an extent makes it as some sort of a black box that would be useless when accessed by someone other than the owner. If someone tries to have unauthorized access over it, he would be directly under an observation of a certified government body such as the F.B.I and an immediate notification would be sent to the owner.

On the contrary, there’s always a budget issue for most of us. So if you may not be able to afford something like the one I’ve just mentioned, then you can opt for a BARSKA biometric safe which offer’s good enough safety features with its compact designing but a value for money when you are short on funds.


Best Biometric Gun safe – 2018

Pick 1: Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Fast

We’ve kept it at the top of our list as it provides the best of security one can ask for. Its price is a high range as it provides features which are beyond a normal imagination that you can get.

Verifi S6000


What’s perhaps important to note is that the safe’s biometric system is FBI certified. Another thing worth noting is the build quality. The safe is made out of solid steel and its locking mechanism also comes reinforced by 2 steel locking bolts.

What’s more, its fingerprint technology is one of the most reliable as it uses an F.B.I approved 3D advanced imaging sensor to produce detailed fingerprint images. This kind of sensor is a standard in many government departments.

Other features worth mentioning include:

  • Self-diagnostic test
  • Versatile built-in interface/LCD display
  • Tamper Alerts
  • LED Nightlite


  • It’s a finger-print accessible and so it’s lightning fast when you talk about accessibility.
  • Provides a 3-D imaging system which generates fingerprint images and is F.B.I certified.
  • Consist of a premium sensor which is used by DOD, DHS and other government departments. This safe has the capability of handling even dry fingers which other optical devices finds difficult to identify.
  • It uses an Auto lock feature which is one of a kind that senses when the door is closed and it automatically locks the safe which gives you the assurance that if the door is closed your system is locked.
  • It gives you the feature to add or remove users even and even to assign privileges of changing default settings.
  • It also has the feature of recording logs automatically so you can identify accesses that were made in the past.
  • It even has the feature of sending notification to registered users of unauthorized attempts of accessing by sending alarms.


  • One cannot actually find any limitations concerning this product as you know that it’s a recognizable entity as certified by the F.B.I but the only thing that you can see which would act as a limitation is its price which is obvious for the features it is offering.

Pick 2: GunVault MicroVault XL MVB100

The micro vault is a portable designed gun safe which comes with a dual unlocking system. It has a parented no-eyes keypad as well as a biometric pad that provides it a rapid access even at low light.

GunVault MicroVault XL MVB100


If you care about build quality, the 18 gauge solid steel construction put this safe ahead of the pack. Not just that but the use of precise fittings makes the lid pry-resistance.

For its biometric technology, you have a system that can keep up to 120 fingerprints and to refine it, it makes use of an algorithm equipped with the capacity to recognize your fingerprint in a snap and allow to have quick access to your valuables.

Inside it has small pockets for storing smaller items such as your documents or other ammunition. For backup purposes, you have a backup key as well as a 4-foot security cable. Capacity-wise, it can store a one handgun together with its ammunition.

Other important features to note include:

  • High strength lock mechanism
  • Interior foam for protection
  • Fire protection features


  • It has a protective foam-lined interior & an 18-gauge steel construction.
  • It is close to impossible to open this safe with hand tools for its precise fittings.
  • You can mount it almost anywhere in whichever direction you want it to be placed.
  • It has the capability to log up to 120 individual fingerprints for access.
  • It is comprised of a High-Strength lock mechanism which makes it uber reliable.


  • Apart from its high range price, it’s almost impossible to make this device any more secure and reliable on technical aspect as its one of the best in a class biometric device that is available in the market.

Pick 3: GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe

We’ve kept this next to our list is because of its bad-ass looks and its revolutionary design. Now to brief you like the product name suggest it is a device to store a handgun. With the Speed vault biometrics it’s a ready-for-action kind of a device. The discreet designing of the device comes hand in hand with the speed of the device.

GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe


You can take this safe and mount it in any orientation and it will easily fit, thanks to its special flexible design. With an 18 gauge steel construction, you can hope for the best of burglar protection with this safe. Inside it comes fitted with a clean foam and this is great for your gun’s sake.

Space-wise it’s large enough to fit an average handgun together with its ammunition. Its biometric lock is pretty reliable. Once it allows you access to the safe, a drawer drops down almost instantly allowing quick access to your gun.

Other cool features include:

  • Holds up to 120 individual fingerprints
  • Backup override key
  • High strength lock mechanism
  • Interior courtesy light


  • It comes with a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner and an Activation button which can add more than a 100 different individuals with their respective finger prints.
  • It consists of a Fast Activation drop which gives you a power of quick access.
  • It consists of a protective foam-lined interior and an 18gauge steel construction.
  • It’s almost impossible to break in with hand tools as it is built with precise settings.
  • It consists of a Backup override key.
  • It has multiple mounting options along with hardware.


  • The only concern of this system is its space as the storage units are compact. Unlike other safes you don’t get the privilege of storing other valuables along with your weapons.
  • The second is its price compared to other devices as this offers you with limited storage but with not that of a reasonable price for budget-friendly individual to opt for as they won’t just offer to pay this price for the design itself leaving the pros of the security that is beast provides.
  • Not fireproof

Pick 4: BARSKA Biometric Safe

This product is one of the most popular biometric safe among all as if you are a budget freak and you need to even look for better security concern this is something that can satisfy you. The factor such as portability and weightlessness defines this product being so popular.

BARSKA Biometric gun safe


Besides having enough space to keep multiple handguns, the safe has excellent build quality as seen in its 31-pound steel. This is reinforced with two motorized steel locking bolts.

Its biometric system is not just foolproof but also allows simple and quick access to the safe. Everything happens in a snap. A sound will beep to notify you of your actions.

For protective purposes, it also comes already pre-dilled for bolting to the ground. Inside it features a floor mat that guards your gun against scratches. Other worthy features you will want to check out include:

  • Features mountain hardwares
  • Two emergency backup keys
  • Can keep up to 30 fingerprints


  • It comprises of a unique fingerprint sensor pad for easy and secure access.
  • Its light weightiness and compactness is a standalone feature that people look out for.
  • It has the capability of storing up to 30 fingerprints.
  • Apart from storing your weapons it gives you the privilege of storing important documents and other stuffs.
  • It has two backup keys which includes even mounting hardware’s.
  • Being the entry level biometric safe it is quite affordable which is why it’s been so popular among the biometric safe devices.


  • The device needs to me mounted somewhere for it is a lightweight device and can be easily portable which makes it in a way vulnerable in case of theft.
  • It does not have a fireproof design so it can be a huge concern in an accidental fire situation.

Pick 5: Ivation IVAFINGSAFE10 Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Safe

It is categorized as one of the new technologically advanced biometric safes. Made with architecture of all round steel construction working parallel to the innovations that deals with safety and convenience.

Ivation IVAFINGSAFE10 Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Safe


Whether it’s your gun, jewelry or other valuable possession this safe knows better how to keep them in safety. For its build quality, you have an all-around steel construction plus a ton of advanced features that guarantee extensive safety.

Made with speed and accuracy in mind, the safe’s super-fast fingerprint reader is sure not to just save your time but allow simple access to your possession yet in the most secure way. You can keep up to 32 fingerprints so no more excuses for lost or stolen keys or worse, forgotten passcodes.

For backup, it has full-sized and manual override keys. So should anything go wrong with the biometric system, this particular alternative will be there to save your day.  Other important features include:

  • Solid steel construction
  • Padded adjustable shelf
  • Pry-resistant door
  • Concealed hinges
  • Foam padding to protect valuables


  • It has a superfast fingerprint reader which is actually a rapid-read fingerprint sensor.
  • It consists of a dual safety backup feature which gives you the privilege of accessing your valuables when there’s something gone wrong with the fingerprint sensor.
  • It is designed with concealed hinges and dual live action locking bolts made up of heavy steel which would restrict anyone who tries to break open the vault.
  • It is padded with adjustable shelf so that you can use the space according to your wish.


  • It has a complex architecture which is at times difficult to be used and takes time to get used to the system.
  • There may have a possibility of a technological breach by highly qualified technicians for its handling and could possibly be able to cause a security breach but still with the presence of the biometric feature it would restrict them but can cause a bit of physical damage to the system

Factors to Consider before buying a Biometric safe

When we are asking you to buy a biometric safe it is essential for us to inform you about the facts that must be taken into account as you are the one who’s about to spend money to grab these products, so let us brief you about certain fundamentals for the record before we get down to the list.

Drawbacks of normal locking systems

First of all it’s a necessity for us to accept technology and we need to move ahead of those ancient analog or keyboard based locking system where we would need to remember certain digits to open our safes.

Time consuming

In an emergency, we can’t afford to waste our time on remembering those passcodes to open our lockers. Often, you will always have to remember those combinations attached to your safe systems and that’s really time-consuming.

Easy to steal the codes

Secondly, it’s not at all difficult for a sharp mind around you to observe those combinations when you are accessing it, and once it is known it’s like switching on your light bulb for a person to open your safe.

Not perfect for emergencies

And last but not the least no matter how simple you think your combination locks are it’s not that easy to deal with them when you are in some sort of an emergency and you need to access your safe fast. Sometimes even a wrong passcode could make you wait for minutes to retry again.

So it’s a recommendation that you need to drop your plans about buying these old fashion systems and opt for something that’s quick and much reliable than these systems.

Advantages of a fingerprint Biometric locking system

Well, now that you know what the biometric safes are (in brief, a security system for your gun and valuable possessions), we would like to brief you about these safes so that this alarming sensation to grab one makes sense to you.

Top grade security

First, we would like to inform you that the level of security that these systems provide is at par excellent. They are reliable as the systems won’t even allow a tad bit of unauthorized access. Just like you would expect!


These are lightning fast systems as they can respond to a touch of your fingers to a command of your voice, so it gives one a time-saving approach when in need of your weapon & the best part is you get rid of remembering anything other than reaching your safe when in need.

So by all this information, you can deduce that you would never ever be in any confusion of the security concerns relating to your armor. We can expect that now we are able to clear the concept of biometric gun safes to you. It’s time now for you to choose as to which is affordable and what you need for storing your weapon.

But before we give you the options with these biometric gun safes it’s very much necessary for you to understand certain legalities that you must be aware of.

Guidelines for legal processioning of Gun safes followed by manufacturers

Now when breaking the air about these legalities and the stuff we would like to inform you that the possession of guns and the gun safe largely depends on which part of the world you belong. When you are opting for a weapon or these gun safes you need to be familiar with the laws of the land you reside in.

As you may be well aware, any accidental use of any weapon would cause you to stand behind bars and face consequences. The United States of America, for instance, has quoted in their legislature that unsafe storage of firearms is a public health and safety issue and has strict governance over these issues. In fact, they even have governing bodies to these laws plus measures like Child Access Prevention.  Significant actions are usually taken against reports of stolen firearms from households.

What’s great to note is that the biometric gun safe that we are talking about follow strict legalities. So here are the Guidelines for legal processioning of Gun safes followed by manufacturers:

  • The gun safe shall provide storage of armors with security.
  • The gun safe shall have a mechanical or an electronic locking system, and the lock should be protected by Rc60+ drill resistant steel plate or a drill resistant material providing same strength.
  • The bolt should be have a combination of handling secured by the lock with at least ½ inch thickness to resist the door lock from the door of the safe.
  • The gun safe should have longevity of use which is achievable by constructing it with a minimum of 7 gauge steel plate reinforced construction or a 12 gauge steel compound construction.
  • There shall be a protection pertaining to the removal of doors by protecting it with door hinges.

Moving ahead it’s time now to introduce few Biometric gun safe that we have listed by sorting them as to the best option that you can opt for considering every aspect that’s a major concern for you covered with the note of the most secure and budget friendly which would safeguard your needs as well as see to the fact that it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.

Time to get and grab one of its kind

So we’ve provided you with five of the best biometric gun safes that you can opt for considering your safety as well as your budget.

If you have a budget to be reckoned with you could try the BARSKA biometric safe or the GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe, but we would suggest you to consider the security of your people around and maybe re-consider your decision about which would be tad bit safer up the order as this investment can be considered as a one-time investment and it can actually help you to keep your other valuable as well as your future investment to be much safer.

Having all this said and done, no matter which biometric gun safe you choose to buy, you can rest assured that all of the above-mentioned gun safes would provide you the safety that we’ve mentioned previously as all of these safes are built following the guidelines of the law of the land about safeguarding your weapons.


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