Best 1911 Shoulder Holster Reviews – Top Recommendations and Picks 2018

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If you find the waistband holster cumbersome or inadequate for carrying your gun, you should consider getting a shoulder holster. Shoulder holsters are especially the better option if you are looking to conceal carry. They are good at concealing your weapon while you go about your business and make it easy for you to draw your gun when need be.

With the waistband holster, rapid hip movement often displaces your gun. This is not the case with shoulder holsters. In addition, shoulder holsters have a variety of designs and sizes. This gives you a chance to choose a design and size that suits your body frame. You can also opt for a horizontal or vertical gun position according to your preference.

But the choice of holster affects more than just your comfort and the use of your gun. The durability of your holster, for instance, depends on the material it is made of and the manufacturing process. Soft materials also ensure your gun is protected from scratches as you remove and replace it.

For these benefits and more, shoulder holsters benefits are preferred by many conceal carriers. The 1911 gun is one of the most common and versatile conceal guns in the military, law enforcement and for civilian use. As a result, there are several 1911 shoulder holsters available in the market.

However, for your comfort and maximum functionality, you need to choose your 1911 shoulder holsters carefully. As a first time buyer, you may be tempted to make your decision based on the looks. But it is more prudent to consider things like your comfort, and the durability of the material.

Best 1911 Shoulder Holster Reviews 2018

In this article, we review seven of the best 1911 shoulder holster systems. However, we understand that the suitability of the holster differs from one person to another. Therefore, we also mention a number of things you should consider when choosing the shoulder holster system that is best suited for you.

Pick #1. Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System

Designed for maximum functionality, the Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster for 1911 can be used by civilians, law enforcement officers and military officers. Its use in combat has been tried and tested in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as well as counterterrorism operations.

The guns are held in a vertical position facing downwards improving your draw speed. The vertical position is also more ideal for thinner people compared to the horizontal holding position.

For added safety, the holster system has a trigger guard to prevent unintentional pressure on the trigger that may cause accidental shooting.

To improve on comfort, the Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System uses a clover harness to connect the straps. Unlike the traditional ring, the clover harness is more comfortable because it does not keep scratching your back. The clover shape also allows you to adjust the four straps independently. This makes it one of the best shoulder holster systems for conceal carry.

You can carry a gun on both sides of the holster or a gun on one side and extra magazine on the other side. However if only one side is weighted, the system may be a little unbalanced. To cater for such situations, the system comes with a tie-down to secure the unweighted side on your belt.

Pick #2. Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System for 1911

Another great 1911 shoulder holster system from Galco that can be used by citizens, law enforcement agents and military officers.

The Jackass Rig Shoulder System consists of a horizontally positioned holster, a clover harness and an ammo carrier. The horizontal holster position allows you to carry your gun with the muzzle facing behind you. Just like with the vertical holster system, the Jackass Shoulder’s straps can move independently due to the clover harness.

The system also comes with a set of screws that you can use to adjust the vertical level of your gun and ammo. This allows you to carry your gun and magazines at a comfortable position depending on your size. This is what makes the jackass rig shoulder system unique from other shoulder holster systems.

The holster is made of top quality, durable leather. The inside of the holster is made of brushed suede to protect the gun from scratches as you draw and replace it in the holster.

Currently, the holster is only available for right hand draw.

Pick #3. UTG 1911 Deluxe Shoulder Holsters

Unlike the previous holsters made of leather, the UTG deluxe shoulder holster is made of nylon modelled in stylish designs. It is designed primarily for the 1911 pistol the flexible design can be adjusted to fit other revolvers and pistols in your collection.

One of the main strengths of the UTG 1911 Deluxe Shoulder Holster is the comfort of its design.

It comes in a universal design that makes it a comfortable product for both left handed and right handed gun owners.

The shoulder region is also padded to give you extra comfort especially when you need to carry your gun for extended periods of time. You can adjust the straps to a vertical position that is comfortable for your size and body shape.

The holster interior is made of a soft material to protect the exterior of your gun from scratches.

The nylon material and innovative design makes the holster flexible, comfortable and inexpensive. However, it is also less durable that the leather shoulder holsters and may need to be replaced quite often.

This makes it ideal for holsters users trying out holster designs and those that need to use holsters temporarily.

Pick #4. Barsony Concealment Shoulder Holster with Double Mag Pouch

Weighing just 11 ounces, the improved Barsony Nylon Gun Concealment Shoulder Holster is a lightweight alternative to the leather shoulder holsters.

The holster comes with a full size of 9 mm double magazine pouch. Despite being made of the softer nylon material, its design and stitch stitches are expertly done to increase its durability.

The Barsony concealment shoulder holster with double mag pouch prides itself in its flexible design. There are, for instance, optional right hand and left had draws for you to choose from depending on your preference.

You can also adjust the harness to suit your body size or height. It also comes with a tie down to secure it on your belt for added functionality.

Pick #5. Galco Miami Classic Shoulder System for 1911

Released in the 70s, this is the original classic shoulder holster system. Its design has been imitated design severally by Galco and other holster companies.

Like other Galco models, the Miami Classic Shoulder System is made of carefully crafted, durable premium saddle leather. The system includes a holster, ammo carrier, harness, and a set of system screws.

It does not come with a tie down but you can purchase it separately to secure it to your belt for improved comfort. You can also purchase other accessories that you feel could improve its functionality.

The Miami Classic comes with a horizontal gun position system meaning the gun will point towards your back.

Other the 1911, the Galco Miami Classic Shoulder System can be used for other semiautomatic pistols and some models of revolvers.

It is currently available for right hand draw only.

Pick #6. Linixu Deep Concealment

If your main concern is to conceal carry, the Linixu Deep Concealment is the holster for you. The holster system is so efficient that you can use it while wearing a shirt without a jacket.

The Linixu Deep Concealment is different from other shoulder holster systems in that it is not made of leather. There are also no provision for you to carry any extra magazines.

Another unique feature of the Linixu Deep Concealment is that it does not have the two traditional shoulder straps. Instead, there is only a single shoulder strap that fastens the holster onto your body and a wide, stretchy belt that you fasten on your upper torso.

With the traditional shoulder holsters, the gun is suspended under your armpit. The Linixu Deep Concealment, however, holds the gun on your abdomen just in front of your arm. This position of the gun allows the user to move and perform other tasks with much ease.

The main drawback of the Linixu Deep Concealment shoulder holster is that the design makes it harder to draw the gun fast.

Pick #7. XCH Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster

This is one of the most flexible shoulder holsters available.

First, as the name indicates, the XCH shoulder holster is designed for use by both right handed and left handed gun users. It can therefore be used for left and left hand draw.

The other flexibility of the XCH Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster is that it can be used to carry the gun in the horizontal as well as the vertical carry positions. Also, if you wish to use it as an OWB or IWB holster, you can remove the shoulder straps.

The holster, shoulder straps and the removable magazine pouch of the XCH Shoulder Holster are made of leather. It is therefore one of the most durable holsters.

In terms of concealing, however, the XCH Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster is not among the best shoulder holsters. The holster can be seen easily and you need to wear a heavy jacket to conceal your gun adequately.

A Guide to Choosing The Best Shoulder Holsters

In order to choose the shoulder that is best suited for you, consider the following factors:

1-> Durability

Shoulder holsters made of leather are durable compared nylon and other materials.

2-> Functionality

The best shoulder holsters make it easy for you to draw and use your gun

3-> Affordability

If you are not looking for a holster for short term use, you can compromise on durability and get a cheaper, less-durable holster.

4-> Suitability to your body size

The best shoulder holsters can be adjusted vertically to a comfortable position.

5-> Concealment

If you are looking for the best 1911 shoulder holster, you need one that best conceals your gun. For the horizontal holsters, check carefully if the muzzle shows from the back.

Final Word

Today, many manufacturers of shoulder holsters imitate popular brands and sell them cheaper. It is therefore important for you to assess the features of the shoulder holster you want to buy to ensure it is not only of good quality but compatible with your needs.

When shopping for a 1911 shoulder holsters, there are some in the market that are specially designed for it. Others, however, can accommodate a variety of revolvers and pistols, 1911 included.


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