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Small and medium sized gun safes,  will do a great job at protecting your shotgun or rifle not just against intruders but also children. However, sometimes we have special needs. It could be that you need extra protection perhaps against fire or maybe you have an extensive collection of firearms and the small-medium safes don’t seem like a nice fit.

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In this case, what you need is a high-quality safe. Such safes are usually relatively heavier for right reasons and also fireproof. Some have extra features for added protection and efficiency. For less than $1000, you can own one and our list is here to make your wish come true.

So check out our top 5 selections for the best gun safes under $1000.

Pick 1: Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic

Coming in at the top of the offerings is the Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E. This gun safe is one of the most popular choices on the market. It is favored not only for its high-end security features but also for the fact that it can be acquired for less than $1000.


Excellently built with a sturdy exterior, the Mesa safe company MBF5922E has enough space to accommodate multiple guns and ammunition. Brandishing both technology and functionality, this is the best quality gun safe that can even double up as a safe for other valuables.

In addition to that, it has a 4-way locking system with the a dozen huge one and a half steel locking bolts.

Other important features to note:

  • Electronic lock secured by a hard plate and relocker
  • 12 gauge body and 11 gauge steel door
  • Drill, pry and punch resistant
  • Adjustable shelving


  • It can survive in a fire of temperatures reaching 1750F for one hour as well as a 2 story impact fall
  • It has a fully upholstered interior to protect the guns from damage and can accommodate 14 long guns. To create more room you can move the adjustable shelving
  • The interior has 3 electrical sockets and 2 USB ports for lighting as well as powering and charging electronics
  • This safe is also mountable as it comes fitted with four holes for this purpose


  • It really is difficult to find fault with this safe except the general aspect of the possible permeability of the 12 gauge steel although it is quite a sturdy exterior

Besides being able to withstand extreme temperatures for up to one hour, this safe meets all the basic needs of any gun owner and even goes beyond, thanks to additional features that add to its functionality. For its price, you get great value in return.

Lined up second on our list is the Stack-On FS -24. This offering from the reputable manufacturer Stack-On offers gun owners a prolific safe that can house, as its name suggests, 24 rifles and shotguns. It features amazing biometrics that are inlaid into the design. It is also ETL rated and DOJ compliant.


To fit 24 long guns, the Stack-On FS 24 has a lot of room within the sleek design. This is a distinct advantage as it allows the guns to line up snugly next to each other without any damage to the guns.

Now seeing as the whole point of a gun safe is to keep the gun out of reach but near enough for those moments of need, this safe is the perfect fit for discretion.

Other features Worth Mentioning are:

  • Pry resistant doors
  • An organizer in the interior
  • It has barrel rest standoffs
  • Steel constructed frame


  • It comes fitted with a lockdown feature that shuts the safe down after three trial.
  • You get a lifetime guarantee that if your Stack-On fire resistant safe gets broken into during a theft attempt or damaged in a fire, Stack-On will repair or replace your safe free of charge.
  • It has a two-way locking system with steel live action locking bolts and two dead bots for five locking points. This ensures access to the safe and its contents is a safe affair.


  • Although it is a fire resistant gun safe, it can only last half an hour in a fire raging at temperatures of 1400F

From one of the best gun safe companies, the Steel water heavy duty 20 long gun fire is a safe to reckon with. Consumers investing in this safe can expect amazing features as well as a roomy interior.


As a formidable opponent to burglary and fire, the Steelwater is able to accommodate up to 20 guns. The interior has the two sections that can each hold 10 guns. In addition, the interior is well upholstered to prevent damage to the guns.

Other key features include:

  • 12 gauge steel construction
  • Spacious interior
  • 8 times larger hard plate
  • Pry resistant doors


  • It has gear driven bolts manipulated using a 3 spoke handle. The bolt work has solid steel locking bolts
  • It features a hard plate that can counter drill and punch attacks
  • The safe features an electronic lock which is EMP proof making it even more secure
  • It comes with a high security backup key to counter any lock malfunction
  • It can also survive for 45 minutes while under temperatures of up to 1550F
  • It has four holes to enable owners to mount the safe and anchor it
  • It also comes with free 200g reusable dehumidifying silica gel to keep the interior in prime condition


  • None that we can think of!

Just looking at all the features that come loaded into this safe, it’s clear that it was made to exceed expectations. Whether it is protection, build quality, fire resistance, or aesthetics, this safe brings the best and it’s definitely a great pick in its class. Just to show you how tough this safe is, please watch the video below:

Making it to our list is the Modular Electronic Lock fireproof Titan 12+. The sturdy construction makes it impenetrable while keeping it simple and easy to use.


Notably the Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Gun Safe comes with the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 2300F when exposed to fire. This quality holds huge sway for many consumers looking to acquire a gun safe.

Falling into the under $1000 category, this safe features incredibly high-end safety functions while embodying strength and versatility.

Other important features worth mentioning include:

  • Impact resistant
  • Electronic lock
  • Lined interior


  • It can remain unscathed when exposed for an hour in a raging fire of up to 2300F
  • It has an electronic lock with 8 three-four inch chrome steel locking bolts. This makes for assured locking making it unable to pry open easily
  • It comes fitted with adjustable interior shelves that allow for more storage space to be created
  • One gets a full year warrant


  • Can only hold a maximum capacity of 12 rifles and shotguns

With its modular design, moving this safe about and assembling it is a quick and simple task. It’s also sturdy and versatile enough to meet the needs of different kinds of gun owners.

A high-grade performer, particularly when it comes to security, the Barksa large biometric gun safe features on our list because it has unique biometric features that make it ideal for your guns. With 12 removable racks, this safe is preferred by many consumers because it is functional yet discrete.


Of all the safes featured on our list we must commend the organizational features of this safe. The fingerprint scan is ideal as it secures the safe efficiently while also giving you easy access to it.

Clearly, the safe is designed to keep the guns safe from children and burglars aside while allowing owners to have total control of it.

Other key features include:

  • Foam interior
  • 6 pre-drilled holes for mounting
  • Backup keys for a manual override
  • Steel constructed frame


  • It has 120 programmable users making it user-friendly and accessible to other users
  • The safe also comes with a silent access mode feature for stealth and zero feedback
  • It can easily be anchored using the six pre-drilled holes
  • The interior is padded with soft material to keep the guns in place and prevent any damage


  • Considering the technology that has been infused into the Barksa Large biometric safe, you may need a manual to work it. This is the only drawback as many consumers find they have to seek guidance even while using the manual

Overall, the joys of this safe far outweigh the minor setbacks. It’s feature-rich and protective enough to give you the much-needed peace of mind concerning the safety of your valuables. At its price, this safe is definitely a great buy and worth every $$ you pay for it.


This concludes our list of the best gun safes under $1000 and each of the safes we’ve just mentioned has specific special features that make it distinct from the rest. As a buyer it’s therefore important to identify your needs first before making your purchase just to be sure that you are making the correct purchase. If you think that 600-1000$ is out of your budget then maybe you would like to see the list of gun safes under 500$. This might cheer you up even more!


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