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Highways are not the safest of places and that’s probably why you need among other things, a gun not to just to protect you but your car as well. And this brings with it some responsibilities.

Should you ever carry a gun inside your car, it goes without question that you should lock it up. Fail to do that and you’ll be putting your life and that of other people at risk.

In the event of a wreck, the gun could pose a serious threat and also there’s possibility that someone could steal it while you are away shopping or sorting out your gas.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Car Safe ModelGunvault NV200 Nanovault 200 SafeGunVault MicroVault MV500-STDHomak HS10036683 Electronic Access Pistol BoxFort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe
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These plus plenty of other reasons show just how much we need a car gun safe. So far, this is the best way to keep your gun in your car or truck.

We understand it can get overwhelming narrowing down on the best car gun safe that meets your needs and that’s why we’ve done all the work for you. So check out our list:

Pick 1 : Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Car Safe Model

Sentry safe has a reputation for manufacturing quality products and as you would guess, the Sentry Safe Pistol Safe is no different. In fact the company rates it as the most secure safe to date that they’ve ever produced. Well, we’ll find out if that’s true in a few.


Thanks to the zero feedback electronic lock, you can quietly access your firearm without an intruder taking note that. In emergency cases, they won’t be alerted when you access your safe to pull out the firearm and this sounds really good.

Besides its override key and digital lock, there’s an additional biometric lock option. This offers advanced protection where you can quickly detect your fingerprint and allow you fast access to your gun or other valuables. Have a look at our article about the best biometric gun safes for more information.

Also loaded into this safe is a compression gas strut that flips open the lid holding it in open position. What this does is allow you to have single-handed access to what’s inside the safe. This great because you won’t have to move the safe or make movements/noises that will alert the intruder.

Other features you will want to note include:

  • Pry resistant top lid design
  • Electronic keypad
  • Solid steel construction
  • Pry-resistant door


  • Quick & Whisper-quiet entry
  • 100% accurate scanner
  • You can mold it to run on AC
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to program


  • Relatively short battery life

If you intend to fit your safe under your car’s seat, this safe is just right for that. And remember it still comes loaded with advanced protective features most notable one being the quick and whisper-quiet entry. Together with the others we just mentioned, this safe makes for a great investment.



Pick 2 : Gunvault NV200 Nanovault 200 Safe

Affordability is a big deal to many of us and looking at this safe, it feels like the manufacturer had us in mind first while coming up with it. Yes, it’s ridiculously cheap but that’s not even the best thing yet. For this price, you get a safe that is not just a perfect fit for your car but also one you could discreetly fit in your bad, desk or briefcase.


As you would guess, the safe is slim ye really strong and highly protective. Its build quality is characterized by an 18 gauge steel housing. This is solid enough to give you the best protection you can wish for. An interior foam helps to keep your valuables from damage, rattling or any other impacts.

The safe utilizes key locking mechanism that lets you open or close and this is great because you no longer need to worry about batteries running out. Besides that, operating this kind of system is pretty simple.

Other features you should expect include:

  • 1500 lb test security cable
  • Meets TSA Airline firearm guidelines
  • 5-year warranty for burglary and fire


  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable
  • 5-year warranty
  • Solid lock


  • Some users don’t like how it smells

For its little price and all the features it comes loaded with, this safe is a great fit into this category. If you need a compact and inexpensive safe to move around with in your car, look no further than this safe.



Pick 3 : GunVault MicroVault MV500-STD

If your priority need is to secure your firearm mostly for transport and to meet legal requirements, look no further than this safe. It could as well help you secure your firearm from children.

Well-engineered to sustain hard punishments, thanks to its 20 gauge steel housing, you will like the fact that you are getting top security in the market right now with this safe. To add on to that, it comes from one of the reputable range of gun safes made by GunVault.


Named the No-Eyes keyboard, the safe’s patented locking mechanism is designed to allow you quick access to what’s inside the safe even when it’s dark. You can program it to keep a secret code. And just to baffle you, the number of combinations you could choose using this keypad go well beyond 12 million.

On the outside, it has been designed in such a way as not to allow any purchase points that a thief could take advantage of to pry this safe open. Also included is a security cable that you could attach to its pre-drilled holes.

For further protection, it also features a tamper detection mechanism that is designed to lock the keypad should one make more than 24 incorrect entries. After locking, the safe will switch to a sleep mode for about 2 minutes and during this time, should any keypad be pressed, the safe will alert the registered user of unauthorized attempts.

Well, besides these, other features to expect include:

  • Interior foam
  • 9-volt battery
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • CA DOJ approved


  • Heavy steel construction
  • Soft interior
  • High-strength locking mechanism
  • Override key plus security cable
  • Easy to operate


  • Needs extra care handling its locking mechanism

Just looking at everything that’s been packaged into this safe, it readily comes off a reasonable for its little price. If you are out to find a safe that does a great job of securing your firearm in controlled situations, from your vehicle to home and other places, get yourself this safe.



Pick 4 : Homak HS10036683 Electronic Access Pistol Box

Everything about this safe makes it an ideal safe you will want to have when you want to keep your handguns tucked away while in your vehicle. Its build quality comprises of top grade raw materials and a patented design that resists prying. Together with an electronic locking system, this safe is sure to give your gun and even family the protection they deserve.


To make it last long and endure the toughest of punishments, this safe uses a solid powdered steel construction. Addition of a keyless quick-access code means there will be no unauthorized access to your handguns or other valuables kept in the safe. Should a person feed incorrect password three times, the unit will switch to a timed lockout mode for 15 minutes.

No thief will easily pry the unit open, thanks to the patented design which is characterized by rounded corners and the ability in close in a snap. The safe is battery operated but unlike most other safes which won’t open when the battery runs out, you could open this unit electronically. Simply connect a 9V battery and that will power on the electronic locking system.

Other key features to note include:

  • It comes in three different sizes
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Rubber mat to protect the gun
  • Piano hinge door


  • Easily programmable lock
  • Quick and fast access
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Low price range
  • Built-in back up entry


  • Difficult to operate in the dark

Considering the fact that you could mount it anywhere, this versatility is great for a vehicle owner as you could choose any place you feel convenient to mount in your car. Besides that, it has nice protective features and above all else, it is sturdy and strong enough to give your gun decent protection. The product’s price is also on a lower side so you don’t have to shed too much money to purchase it. You should also see the Leather Shoulder Holster if you own a handgun. A holster is the best option to hide a handgun as it is easily available at a nominal price and it can be carried anywhere easily.



Pick 5 : Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

Ratings don’t lie and in this case, the higher ratings given to this safe attest of its greatness as the ultimate safe for any gun owner looking to have a gun safe for their vehicle. Two aspects that stand out in this safe are strength and reliability.


Being made out of heavy 10-gauge steel means the safe meets the standard for not just safe construction but reliability when it comes to build quality. Inside it has a foam that helps to protect your handguns and other valuables from impacts.

Inclusion of four pre-drilled holes means you can mount the safe for added security. The safe utilizes a simplex locks system. For those who don’t know, the lock has been around for eons and it makes use of a variation of different buttons when it comes to unlocking. It’s quick and easy to use.

Other features include:

  • Tamper resistant hinge
  • Gas strut for easy and effortless access
  • Silver powder coat finish
  • CA DOJ approved


  • Reliable locking system
  • Durable and strong
  • Lifetime warranty
  • You don’t need batteries


  • Lacks security cable
  • Due to its relatively huge size, hiding it might be a challenge

Just as we mentioned earlier, if you care about reliability and strength, this safe offers the best bang for your bucks. Even though you could a few challenges trying to fit it in your car due to its large size and the fact that it opens from the top, it still does its main job well which is giving the much-needed protection to your gun and other valuables. The price of this gun safe is on the higher side but it is worth every penny just like a Winchester safe whose price is high but the features are also worth it.




These are the best car gun safes available for both cars and trucks. We choose only the best products for our readers as we want everyone to be happy and satisfied. One common factor among all the safes we’ve just listed is that they boast of high ratings and extreme recommendation for use in vehicles. Keep in mind that failure to keep your gun safely in your vehicle could see you face legal consequences. So to stay away from that and also keep your gun and family safe, be sure to pick any of these safes and you will be glad you made a great investment.

Hiding a gun safe inside your car is also very important. You might also want to check out the common mistakes people make while hiding a car gun safe in their car. In the Video you can easily see those mistakes and avoid them in future.

I hope you enjoyed the Video and the article. I just want to provide you knowledge so that you don’t make common mistakes.

Happy Shopping!


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